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Well i am 29 yrs old and a single parent of 2 beautiful kids which is 4 and 5. I live with someone who is pushing us out the door and we don't have any family here. To be my age i have been thru so much with no support i really need a place to live i am working part time at the moment. Im not making enough to afford anyhing i came here with a handbag full of clothes. I have been ganged raped at the age of 14  and it happen the day before thankgiving and i never seeked any couseling and my own family said i deserved it. they got away cause the courts said i didn't have any support so i have been raising myself. My children is my heart and i can't show them it because i can't get my life together now my children are feeling it to i left my mom when i was 2yrs old i don't no my father im just all messed up i stay with a headache i need help and don't no where else to turn. I got to the point where i tried to cut my wrist but i no that my kids need me but i don't no what to do. I ned help and they need it to can you please help me i am ready to give up again and it's hurting me. help me please i don't no where else to turn.
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Hi im Mandy I am in a situation kinda similar toyours I am staying in a abusive home and have no where to go but i was told to try to contact the goverment housing dept in your state and they should put you in a home exspecially having 2 babies I do also and only working part time! so please try that! I no here they pay your rent and you pay half the electric bill and thats it! You can also get on foodstamps and families first through the DHS dept i am on that and get 500$ grocery a month and 150$ CASH ON THE CARD FOR EACH CHILD THEY WILL ALSO HELP GETYOUR BABIES IN DAYCARE!!

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